Some pretty vintage spring time looks!

“I see the girls in the park laid out like lollipops in bright colors sipping on their champagne.

Spring seems to strip away all chastity and turn ever prude into an accomplished libertine.

I raise my glass to this season of frivolity and drain it all to soon.

The flowers are spreading petal after petal across this city budding, blossoming, unfurling with no sign of ever ceasing.”


Raton Rose


Tasty Jamz!!!

I’ve been finding some killer 70’s glam jams lately! Here are a few of my favorite’s.

If you’re are in the Bay Area this weekend I’ll be djing these jams plus a whole lot more at a super fun rock and roll party Sixxteen! There will be  a handful of awesome djs playing all night and a great costume contest. Check it out here

Then on Sunday I’ll be Djing my monthly TASTY JAMZ at Beauty Bar come by and get wild!!!


Raton Rose

Some Summertime Goodies!

Check out just some of the new summertime goodies that are now up in the Esty shop!

Robin Egg Blue 50's Circle Skirt

Robin’s Egg Blue 50’s Circle Skirt

60's Summer Party Dress

60’s Summer Party Dress

70's Hawaiian Max Dress

70’s Hawaiian Max Dress

70's Leather Wrap Skirt

70’s Leather Wrap Skirt

90s Grunge Floral Mini Dress

90’s Grunge Floral Mini Dress

90s Floral Romper

90’s Floral Romper

70s/80s Suede SHorts

70’s/80’s Suede SHorts

90's Betsey Johnson Bodycon Mini Dress

90’s Betsey Johnson Bodycon Mini Dress

Click HERE to check out even more items and get all the juicy details!


Raton Rose

New Goodies For Sale!!

Lot of new and amazing items now up on Etsy! Go ahead check them out… just click here!

Darling 60s Pink Chiffon Skirt!

Darling 60s Pink Chiffon Skirt!

Overly Cute 90s Grunge Baby Doll Dress!

Overly Cute 90s Grunge Baby Doll Dress!

The Perfect 70's Rock n Roll Dress!

The Perfect 70’s Rock n Roll Dress!

Bad Ass 80s Leather Jacket

Bad Ass 80s Leather Jacket

Sexy 90s Bodycon Dress!

Sexy 90s Bodycon Dress!

Beautiful 50's Lace Corset!

Beautiful 50’s Lace Bustier!


Raton Rose

Turks Fruit Photo Shoot

The styling in the photos below are inspired by my favorite movie Turkish Delight, otherwise known as Turks Fruit. An early 70’s dutch film with the most stunning colors and amazingly cute 70’s fashion!!!

I must say that the photo shoot was one of the funnest I have ever done. We shot for five hours and it only felt like 45 minutes! There where many rolls of film shot, outfit changes, smoke boms, candy, fruit, wine, delightful conversations and a perfect sound track the intire time! I would like to also add that I was so pleased to shoot in one of my all time favorite apartments where J.R. Furbush and Megon Sommer live. They have personally decorated their home in the most beautiful manner.

Shot by: J.R. Furbush
Modeling and Styling by: Ursula Rose and Raton Rose


Raton Rose

Photo Shoot with Hana Haley

Last weekend Hana Haley was lovely enough to shoot some photos with me for my business cards. It was a super fun day spent running around in the sun changing in and out of outfits, eating cotton candy, smelling roses, blowing dandy lions, and spending time with a sweet little clown pinata!


A 1970s documentary on Groupies. I have been looking forward to watching this film for sometime now but sadly found it more depressing and annoying then inspiring… but there are some good bits and its interesting non the less.