Some pretty vintage spring time looks!

“I see the girls in the park laid out like lollipops in bright colors sipping on their champagne.

Spring seems to strip away all chastity and turn ever prude into an accomplished libertine.

I raise my glass to this season of frivolity and drain it all to soon.

The flowers are spreading petal after petal across this city budding, blossoming, unfurling with no sign of ever ceasing.”


Raton Rose


Photo Shoot: Heartbreak Hotel

Happy Valentines to all you sweethearts out there! I love love and romance so much. I know most people dislike Valentines day because of how cheesy it can be. But I try to enjoy it as much as possible… Seeing as it’s a day devoted to honoring something I adore so much!

Another thing I love about Valentines Day is you don’t need a lover to enjoy it with. You can treat your self to a fancy date and indulge in all your favorite activities. It’s important to love ourselves and any excuse we have to live that out is a good one. Valentines with your friends is also a blast! One of my best friends and I have a tradition of eating cheap Chinese food and drinking forties on that special day of hearts.

This photo shoot was inspired by a lonely Valentine who decided to treat her self to a sweet little date at the local dinner. All photos are taken by Hana Haley. Styled and modeled by Raton Rose.



Some Valentines Day Goodies

Are you looking for something special to wear for Valentines Day? If so I just put some super cute options up on Etsy! Heres a sneak peek. If you see anything you like just click here to be brought to the shop. Feel free to enter BEMINE to receive 25% off of your purchase!!

IMG_6294 IMG_6287 IMG_6283




Raton Rose

Some Summertime Goodies!

Check out just some of the new summertime goodies that are now up in the Esty shop!

Robin Egg Blue 50's Circle Skirt

Robin’s Egg Blue 50’s Circle Skirt

60's Summer Party Dress

60’s Summer Party Dress

70's Hawaiian Max Dress

70’s Hawaiian Max Dress

70's Leather Wrap Skirt

70’s Leather Wrap Skirt

90s Grunge Floral Mini Dress

90’s Grunge Floral Mini Dress

90s Floral Romper

90’s Floral Romper

70s/80s Suede SHorts

70’s/80’s Suede SHorts

90's Betsey Johnson Bodycon Mini Dress

90’s Betsey Johnson Bodycon Mini Dress

Click HERE to check out even more items and get all the juicy details!


Raton Rose

New Goodies For Sale!!

Lot of new and amazing items now up on Etsy! Go ahead check them out… just click here!

Darling 60s Pink Chiffon Skirt!

Darling 60s Pink Chiffon Skirt!

Overly Cute 90s Grunge Baby Doll Dress!

Overly Cute 90s Grunge Baby Doll Dress!

The Perfect 70's Rock n Roll Dress!

The Perfect 70’s Rock n Roll Dress!

Bad Ass 80s Leather Jacket

Bad Ass 80s Leather Jacket

Sexy 90s Bodycon Dress!

Sexy 90s Bodycon Dress!

Beautiful 50's Lace Corset!

Beautiful 50’s Lace Bustier!


Raton Rose

Sylvie Vartan in Color

Finally got around to putting all these amazing color photos of Sylvie Vartan up, what a dreamy girl! I really wish I could get my hands on some leather jumpsuits like hers…


Raton Rose

Fashion Muses: Candy Girls

It’s hard to get used to San Francisco’s weather pattern… It’s just becoming summer here and all I seem to be dreaming of is fall and all it’s amazing fashion options! I have so many furs,  coats, thick dresses and sweaters that I am dying to ware but alas I must hold off for a couple more months.  In hopes of being re-inspired by summers fashion I pulled some photos together of these candy colored muses and now I’m ready to hit the parks in put my new sunnies and a bright mini dresses!!!


Raton Rose