Shot by Shot

I finally got some old film developed from last years halloween and the amazing Sonics show I went to.



Raton Rose


Photo Shoot for The Loved One

I was so excited to model for The Loved One’s Black Widow photo shoot at the beginning of this month. I have been totally in love with their darling vintage store and blog for years now! Of course I wanted to keep all the beautiful things I got to ware for the photo shoot.

Photography by Erin Cherry
Modeled by Hana Haley, Rose Raton, and Alexandrea Pressgrove

Check out The Loved One here


Raton Rose

Last Weekends Photo Shoot

I had such a wonderful experience shooting with Muted Fawn last Sunday! We had a lovely crew of talented ladies involved, it was a ton of fun collaborating together and enjoying the californian sun baked hills, the strong breeze blowing by and the circling hawks above.

Jewelry made/styled by: Elisa Gonsalves

Make Up/Hair by: Brenna Guier

Model/Stylist: Raton Rose


Van Der Neer Photo Shoot

Photos: taken by Hana Haley
Wardrobe: all clothing designed, handmade and styled by Van Der Neer
Model: Yours Truly


Raton Rose

Shot by Shot: Disposable Camera Photos

I love you L.A.! I love you S.F.! Thanks for all the good times!!!


Raton Rose

Bowiemas Through the Years

Here are some photos and videos from the past nine years of Bowiemas to get you all excited for the tenth annual ┬ácelebration this Saturday!!! Hopefully you’ll be inspired to start composing very your own Bowiemas costume! Remember there is no limit to the amount of skin you should or should not show….



the last bowiemas from Patrick Richardson Wright on Vimeo.


Raton Rose

Holiday Photos by Kevin Spaghetti

A couple weeks ago some friends and I threw a pop up flea market inside of The Knock Out. It was an awesome time filled with shopping, drinking and holiday photo taking!!!

Check them out!

All photos taken by Kevin Spaghetti

Check out Kevin’s flikr here for more photos!


Raton Rose