Photo Shoot: Heartbreak Hotel

Happy Valentines to all you sweethearts out there! I love love and romance so much. I know most people dislike Valentines day because of how cheesy it can be. But I try to enjoy it as much as possible… Seeing as it’s a day devoted to honoring something I adore so much!

Another thing I love about Valentines Day is you don’t need a lover to enjoy it with. You can treat your self to a fancy date and indulge in all your favorite activities. It’s important to love ourselves and any excuse we have to live that out is a good one. Valentines with your friends is also a blast! One of my best friends and I have a tradition of eating cheap Chinese food and drinking forties on that special day of hearts.

This photo shoot was inspired by a lonely Valentine who decided to treat her self to a sweet little date at the local dinner. All photos are taken by Hana Haley. Styled and modeled by Raton Rose.




Some Valentines Day Goodies

Are you looking for something special to wear for Valentines Day? If so I just put some super cute options up on Etsy! Heres a sneak peek. If you see anything you like just click here to be brought to the shop. Feel free to enter BEMINE to receive 25% off of your purchase!!

IMG_6294 IMG_6287 IMG_6283




Raton Rose

Shot by Shot: Bowiemas

For the first time in seven years we brought Bowiemas back to the basics and had a good ol fashioned house party. We kept it small and stress free and holy shit it was fun! Here are some photos from throughout the night. I will admit I ran out of film pretty early on so sadly a lot of magical moments weren’t captured.


Raton Rose

A Cool Documentary

Pretty crazy stuff. Check it out if you have some free time. Its strange to think of how much fashion and how we use it has changed in the last 100 years.


Raton Rose

Fall Fashon Inspiration: Twin Peaks

I finally watched Twin Peaks and couldn’t help but be inspired by all the warm and cozy fall outfits! I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes out for tight sweaters and wool pencil skirts.


Raton Rose

My trip to MELTASIA and Atlanta

Back in September I headed to the south for my very first time. I had a blast checking out Atlanta for a brief 24 hours with my boyfriend and some great friends/bands. I eat some truly amazing deep fried tomatoes and was pleased with all the lush greenery and pretty old brick buildings that Atlanta has. We decided to go to the coka-cola museum, seeing as coke is one of boyfriends favorite things in the world. After that we all headed out to the countryside to check out Andy Animals new festival Meltasia. I had an awesome time rocking out to a ton of sick bands and enjoying the beautiful country side of Georgia. Unfortunately the camera I brought with me was anything but reliable and only worked on and off the whole trip. Sadly I didn’t get to take photos of some of my favorite high lights (like Black Oak Arkansas)… but at least I got these!



XoXo Raton Rose

Photo Shoot for The Loved One

I was so excited to model for The Loved One’s Black Widow photo shoot at the beginning of this month. I have been totally in love with their darling vintage store and blog for years now! Of course I wanted to keep all the beautiful things I got to ware for the photo shoot.

Photography by Erin Cherry
Modeled by Hana Haley, Rose Raton, and Alexandrea Pressgrove

Check out The Loved One here


Raton Rose